This year we are celebrating our 20th birthday

For twenty years we’ve been striving to deserve the name of a company that delivers the best graphic design solutions for web, logos, print and exhibitions in South Wales.

When we started in the depth of the last financial recession in 1992 we were still using Letraset dry transfer lettering, bromides and hot wax. Visuals were produced with magic markers and repro-houses were needed to make final films and chromalins before the printing process could even begin.

Today all those expensive processes have been replaced with digital technology (originally in 1992 with a second hand Macintosh IIci and now today a Mac Pro running the latest Adobe Creative Suite).

This means that for the end user the cost of full colour printing has plummeted. The glossy colour brochures that were once only affordable by large corporations are now well within the reach of the smallest start-up firm. And digital printing presses now mean even short runs of 20 to 50 impressions are easily affordable.

But the biggest change we have seen is, of course, the internet. When we started very few, if any, local companies had a website. Now a company without a web presence is almost unheard of. We were one of the first companies to embrace the internet and we continue to help our clients promote themselves online with websites, social media and email marketing.

We would like to thank all our clients old and new for their trust in us and are proud that many organisations we have helped over the years continue to use us. We are looking forward to making important contributions to your marketing communications in the future and are excited about the innovations that the internet holds out for all of us in the coming years.