Business cards can now be printed with a QR (Quick Response) Code

Here’s my number…

The problem with giving someone your business card is that it may easily be mislaid, discarded or end up in the bottom of that person’s wallet. Finally when they do get to look at it – you may have been long forgotten!

The next time you give someone your business card, make sure that you have a QR code printed on it. Then all that the other person has to do is scan the code with his smart phone and instantly a V-card is created on his device containing all your contact information.

This information can include details such as your name, company, telephone number, fax number, mobile number, email and web addresses etc. – even your birthday – if you so wish.

We can generate these codes in your company’s corporate colour and print them either on the front (if there is room) or on the back of your business card.

They also make a great talking point and show people that you are ahead of the game.

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